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FAW’s Bestune Xiaoma Small Electric Takes on Wuling Hongguang Mini EV: An Exciting Showdown in the Micro-EV Segment

FAW's Bestune Xiaoma Small Electric aims to challenge the dominance of Wuling Hongguang Mini EV in China's microcar market. Pre-sales begin this month.


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VanMoof Declared Bankrupt: Uncertainty for Customers and Future of Assets

VanMoof, the e-bike startup, has been officially declared bankrupt. This raises questions about the future of assets and leaves customers in uncertainty. Find out more here.

EV Challenges and Uncertainties

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Transition to Electric Vehicles, Challenges and Uncertainties in the Shift from ICE to EV

Explore the uncertainties surrounding EV emissions and the hidden truths behind claims of reduced CO2 emissions. Discover the unknown factors at play.

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JBM Auto Soars to New Heights with Major Electric Bus Order

JBM Auto’s stock soared after securing a major order for 5,000 electric buses.