A Complete Guide to Ather 450X Gen 3: Price, Specs, Reviews and More

Ather 450X | Price, Specs, Reviews & More

Electric mobility is the future, and Ather Energy has already made inroads in the Indian market towards that vision. With the latest offering of Ather 450X Gen 3, promising the best electric scooter experience, Ather Energy has definitely made a statement in the Indian electric mobility market. But what makes the Ather 450X Gen 3 so special? What are its specs, features, and price? We have got all your answers right here. This guide will take you through all the essential aspects of the Ather 450X Gen 3 — from its features, specifications, and price to its running cost and FAQs. Whether you are interested in joining the electric mobility revolution, or just looking for a sleek, smooth, and eco-friendly ride, this guide has everything you need to know about Ather 450X Gen 3.

Ather 450X Gen 3 Overview

The Ather 450X Gen 3 is the newest model of Ather's electric scooters in India. With its futuristic and edgy design, this e-scooter comes in new color options. It has retained its nimble and easy-to-handle dimensions that are perfect for city traffic. The Ather 450X Gen 3 is equipped with the latest tech, including LED headlights and turn indicators and single-piece LED taillight. The bike has a near-perfect fit and finish, with no unnecessary wide-body panels that are seen on some rivals. This e-scooter is not only visually appealing but also great in terms of performance. It has a powerful motor and a smart battery management system that delivers a range of up to 85 km on a single charge. That coupled with the instant torque available on electric motors makes the Ather 450X Gen 3 a peppy ride.

If you are considering purchasing the Ather 450X, the Holi 2023 model version of 450X - that was spotted in Bangalore - may interest you. With its advanced features and specifications, it's not surprising to see why the Ather 450X Gen 3 is an increasingly popular choice among electric scooter enthusiasts.

Ather 450X Gen 3 Specifications

If you're a biking enthusiast, then Ather 450X Gen 3 is undoubtedly a product you'd be interested in. The Ather 450X Gen 3 remains unchanged in terms of dimensions with a futuristic design similar to its predecessor with new color choices available. However, there are some notable improvements in the Ather 450X Gen 3, such as a larger battery pack, which boosts the range. If you are wondering about the price of the Ather 450X Gen 3, it's best to check with your nearest Ather dealer or their official website.

As per the official news, the Gen 2 range at showrooms will be replaced by Ather 450X Gen 3 and 450 Plus. The deliveries of the Ather 450X Gen 3 are expected to begin by July 20, 2022. If you're interested, ensure you get all the technical details from the experts or you can learn more from the official website. Get ready to ride your stylish and high-performing two-wheeler on the Indian city streets!

Ather 450X Features

The Ather 450X is an electric scooter that boasts a range of up to 146 km/full charge (ARAI certified) and a top speed of 80 km/hr, making it a perfect vehicle for city riding. It is available in two variants - Plus and Standard - with a starting price of ₹1.18 lakh (ex-showroom). The scooter flaunts its nimble design and easy-to-handle body that makes it ideal for city commutes. The Ather 450X features a 7” touchscreen dashboard with a powerful Snapdragon Quad Core processor, offering map navigation and onboard diagnostics, all built on the Android Open Source stack. What makes it even more attractive is that it supports connected accessories such as smart helmets, TPMS, and live location through the Ather app. The scooter also offers theft and tow detection, ensuring safety and security for you and your vehicle. Overall, the Ather 450X has garnered positive reviews and is an excellent investment for anyone looking for an eco-friendly ride with top-notch features.

Safety and Features

The Ather 450X Gen 3 electric scooter comes with a range of features that make it stand out from other scooters in its class. The nimble and sleek ergonomic dimensions make it perfect for city riding, while a bigger 3.7 kWh battery pack, new firmware, and a new AC motor that generate more power and torque provide top speeds of up to 80 kmph and a quick city riding experience.

The Ather 450X Gen 3 has several safety features, including larger rearview mirrors and better tires, for a safer and more secure riding experience. Additionally, at a price of Rs. 1.56 lakh (ex-showroom, Bengaluru), the Ather 450X Gen 3 is now accepting bookings, with deliveries set to begin on July 20, 2022. With so many notable improvements over the previous generation, the Gen 3 version of the Ather 450X electric scooter is sure to be a hit with riders looking for a reliable and high-performance electric scooter.

Engine and Performance

One of the key features of the Ather 450X Gen 3 is its engine and performance. The bike has the same dimensions as its predecessor, offering a nimble and easy-to-handle ride in the cityscape. The Ather 450X Gen 3 has a top speed of 80 km/hr and a claimed riding range of up to 146 km per charge.

Additionally, the Gen 3 version of the Ather 450X comes with a bigger 3.7 kWh battery pack and a new permanent magnet AC motor that delivers more power and torque, which makes for a quick city riding experience. Ather has stopped producing the Gen 2 450X and is now accepting bookings for the Gen 3 version with deliveries starting in July 2022.

The Ather 450X Gen 3 is priced at Rs. 1.56 lakh (ex-showroom, Bengaluru) and comes with a 3-year warranty. With its improved performance, range, and features, the Ather 450X Gen 3 is a great option for anyone looking for a stylish and eco-friendly way to commute in the city.

Ather 450X Gen 3 Price

The Ather 450X Gen 3 electric scooter is the latest addition to the Ather family. This scooter is designed for city riding with a range of up to 116 km in Eco mode. Its price varies according to the different states and showrooms. In India, the Ather 450X Gen 3 is priced at Rs. 1.60 Lakh. However, this price can go down with government subsidies and FAME II schemes. The Ather 450X Gen 3 has an improved battery pack and longer range. In Bengaluru, it's priced at Rs. 1.56 Lakh while in Delhi, it's priced at Rs. 1.39 Lakh. The Ather 450 Electric Scooter also has two different variants: the 450 Plus and 450X. The 450 Plus is priced at Rs 1,18,895 and the 450X is priced at Rs 1,41,905 in Delhi (ex-showroom). Interested buyers can also buy the Ather 450X Gen 3 on EMI with interest rates varying from 9.00% to 28.30% through various banks.

Ather 450X Gen 3 Colours

The Ather 450X Gen 3 model is available in a range of colours and has some impressive specifications to match. In addition to the previously available True Red, Cosmic Black, and Lunar Grey colours, Ather 450X Gen 3 also comes in Mint Green, Space Grey, and White. The subtle and fresh design includes new colours with yellow livery. With all these features, it's no surprise that the Ather 450X Gen 3 has been receiving fantastic reviews from customers - this is a bike that is not just visible, but makes an impact.

On Road Price of Ather 450X Gen 3 in India

The on-road price of Ather 450X Gen 3 in India starts at Rs. 1.60 lakh, with the option to avail of EMI at interest rates ranging from 9.00 to 28.30%. Ather Energy has launched the third-gen 450X electric scooter with significant enhancements like a bigger battery pack, greater range, and better tyres, priced at Rs. 1.56 lakh. Deliveries for the bike start from July 20, 2022. The Ather 450X Gen 3 has two variants and six colours with front and rear disc brakes. Ather 450X Gen 3 claims a real-world range of 105km in Eco mode and 85km in Ride mode, and more features like cruise control, crawl control, and advanced regenerative braking are forthcoming. Ather 450X Gen 3 and Ather 450 Plus Gen 3 replace the second-generation range and are priced at Rs. 1.41 lakh and Rs. 1.18 lakh, respectively (ex-showroom Delhi, including FAME II subsidies).


The Ather 450X Gen 3 electric scooter is packed with advanced software features that have been engineered for a superior riding experience. Ather Energy has designed, manufactured, and sold this electric scooter for its reliable performance, cutting edge technology, and user comfort. Although the dimensions of Ather 450X Gen 3 remain unchanged, it has been designed to handle city traffic conditions efficiently. This electric scooter has a range of 105 km/full charge (True Range) and a top speed of 80 km/hr, making it a perfect choice for urban commuting. The software of Ather 450X Gen 3 allows seamless integration with your smartphone for an enhanced and smarter riding experience. So, whether you're a commuter or a leisure rider, you can count on the Ather 450X Gen 3 electric scooter for an extraordinary ride.

Ather 450X Mileage

The Ather 450X Gen 3 is an electric scooter with a mileage of 85 km/full charge, making it perfect for short commutes. The ARAI certified range of the bike is 146 km/full charge. The true range of the bike is 105 km/full charge which varies based on speed, climate, and traffic conditions. The bike also has a top speed of 80 km/hr (actual) and 90 km/hr (display).

The Ather 450X is powered by a Lithium-ion battery and comes with D+1 seating capacity. The bike has a warranty of 3 years, and it's priced at ₹1,57,505 (including FAME II subsidy). The Ather 450X is not just environmentally friendly, but it also has a sleek and modern design that makes it stand out from traditional gas-powered scooters.

Running Cost of 450X

The Ather 450X is an electric scooter that has been designed to make your daily commute silent, clean, and sustainable. Unlike conventional combustible engines, the Ather 450X has a low running cost of only Rs. 0.16 per km when driven for 146 km on a fully charged battery. Its top speed is 80 km/hr (actual) and 90 km/hr (display) with a true range of 105 km/full charge and an ARAI certified range of 146 km/full charge. With a weight of 111.6 kg, the Ather 450X takes around 5.4 hours to reach a full charge. The Ather 450X comes with a price tag of ₹1,57,505* (including FAME II subsidy). Owning an Ather 450X can not only save you money but also make a significant contribution to the environment by reducing your carbon footprint.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Ather 450X Gen 3 compare to previous Ather models?

While the Ather 450X Gen 3 retains much of the design elements of its predecessor, it introduces new color options. Its dimensions remain the same as the Ather 450, allowing for easy maneuvering in city traffic. The latest tech features include LED headlights and turn signals, as well as a single-piece LED taillight. The scooter's fit and finish remains spotless. The Ather 450X Gen 3 is a lightweight and nimble scooter, lacking unnecessary wide-body panels, to make it easy to handle.

Are there any customer reviews or feedback available for the Ather 450X Gen 3?

As of now, there are no customer reviews or feedback available for the Ather 450X Gen 3, which is the latest version of the Ather 450X electric scooter. The third-generation Ather 450X comes with new features compared to the Gen 2, including a bigger battery pack and a higher price tag of Rs. 1.56 lakh. The more powerful battery at 3.66 kWh and new MRF tires with better grip, as well as redesigned mirrors, are some of the highlights of this model. Deliveries for the Ather 450X Gen 3 have begun as of July 20th, 2022.

Is Ather 450X Bluetooth compatiable

Ather has also introduced the Ather 450X Bluetooth scooter. The Bluetooth connectivity allows you to control your electric scooter using your smartphone while on the go, making this one of the most advanced electric scooters on the market today.