Gogoro's Bold Move: Leading the Charge for a Sustainable Future in India

In the fast-changing world we live in today, it's refreshing to see companies take bold moves towards a sustainable future. Gogoro stands out as one of the companies that have taken this path. Founded in 2011, Gogoro has grown to become a leader in sustainable urban mobility. The company's mission and vision are aligned towards a better future, one where energy is no longer a problem. In this blog, we will detail what Gogoro is, its history, and the journey that led it to make a bold move in India towards a sustainable future. We will also delve into the Gogoro Network and the Gogoro Smartscooter, its power of Swap & Go, and its fleet solution that has proven to be a game-changer across the world. Join us as we explore Gogoro and its mission to lead the charge towards a sustainable future in India.

Gogoro's mission

Gogoro is a company with an ambitious mission of decarbonizing businesses and inspiring consumers through the design of smart, connected electric vehicles. One of their flagship projects, the Gogoro Network, is designed to enable efficient electric refueling of two-wheel vehicles like scooters, mopeds, and motorcycles. The network operates through the swapping of batteries, a process that takes just a few seconds and avoids the need for charging stations. By April 2021, the Gogoro Network had already managed over 175 million battery swaps, serving over 370,000 riders. The Gogoro Smartscooter, which was launched in 2015, was the first vehicle to be integrated into the network. Gogoro is committed to creating a sustainable future and is well on its way to achieving this goal with its innovative and practical approach to clean energy.

Gogoro's vision

Gogoro, founded by Horace Luke, is taking a bold step towards creating a sustainable future through the use of smart, connected vehicles. With the introduction of the Gogoro Smartscooter, Gogoro is challenging the norms of urban mobility for riders. The company is establishing a new sustainable economy together with Belrise Industries and partners in the State of Maharashtra. The Gogoro Smartscooter enables users to enjoy a powerful water-cooled motor, revolutionary smart technologies, and a proprietary dynamic drive system that sets it apart from other scooters in the market. By promoting green energy, Gogoro aims to shift energy usage and set a new standard for a sustainable economy.

What is Gogoro?

Gogoro is a company that designs and manufactures Smartscooter electric vehicles, complete with a powerful water-cooled motor, smart technologies, and a cutting-edge dynamic drive system. The company's battery swapping platform enables riders to easily swap batteries when they become low. Gogoro has also built an impressive network of battery swapping kiosks along with other charging infrastructure to help as many people as possible take advantage of the great features of their Smartscooter.

Gogoro's Smartscooter has become popular among urban riders due to its innovative features and its impressive performance. The company has a mission to decarbonize businesses and inspire consumers with their Smartscooter vehicles. Gogoro is leading the charge for a sustainable future, aiming to make electric transportation ubiquitous in India by bringing in the much-required change. Gogoro is making waves in the electric scooter market, and with their innovative approach to design and manufacturing, they are sure to continue to make a positive impact on the environment and on the way that we think about transportation.

History of Gogoro

Gogoro was founded in 2011 in Taiwan with the purpose of decarbonizing businesses and inspiring consumers. They offer a range of connected vehicles, the popular one being their Smartscooter. In addition to having partnerships with BMW, Daimler, and Bosch, Gogoro has received several awards. Some of these include the 2019 CES Innovation Award and the 2020 Red Dot Award. Gogoro Network is a venture capital partner of Xinjiang Jin Ge Tie Ma Intelligent Technology Co. Ltd. in Tianjin, China. Gogoro has established itself as a leader in the sustainable transportation industry and continues to expand its reach globally.

Leading the charge for a sustainable future in India

India is making major progress toward a more sustainable future. One key development is a US$2.5 billion battery swapping infrastructure project between the government of Maharashtra, Gogoro, and Belrise Industries. The new infrastructure will enable open access to sustainable applications like battery swapping, electric vehicles, mobility sharing, and smart agriculture. The partnership is also expected to foster smart electric vehicle manufacturing and assembly in the state. Deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Fadnavis says this initiative is vital for the state to adopt new technologies and expedite the transition to smarter, sustainable cities. With these strategic partnerships, India is poised to lead the way toward a greener future.

How did Gogoro achieve its bold move?

Gogoro achieved its bold move of leading the charge for a sustainable future in India through strategic partnerships and innovative products. The company's battery-swapping pilot in Delhi, in partnership with Zypp Electric, was a success, leading to a partnership with Belrise Industries and the state of Maharashtra to invest $2.5 billion in battery charging and swapping infrastructure. Gogoro's launch of their Smartscooter challenged urban riders to rethink their mobility options, and it quickly became a must-have riding experience, setting a new standard for urban mobility. This focus on sustainability and innovative urban mobility solutions has made Gogoro a leader in the industry, and their bold moves are poised to shape the future of transportation in India and beyond.

Gogoro Network

Gogoro Network is a modular battery swapping infrastructure specially curated for refueling electric two-wheeled vehicles such as e-motorcycles, scooters, and mopeds. Gogoro Network boasts a swift recharging experience that takes just a few seconds to recharge e-bikes with the help of its advanced battery swapping technology. Within a short time span, Gogoro Network has expanded rapidly and has over 370,000 riders and 175 million battery swaps in Taiwan as of April 2021. The first vehicle to be a part of the Gogoro Network was the Gogoro Smartscooter in 2015. Gogoro Network has now extended to Chinese cities including Hangzhou, Wuxi, Kunming, and Tianjin. It is considered the world's most sophisticated battery swapping system and has innovated sustainably towards a healthier future.

Gogoro Smartscooter

Gogoro Smartscooter is revolutionizing urban transportation by presenting a smart and sustainable solution for businesses and consumers. Launched in 2017, this smart and connected vehicle is designed to decarbonize businesses and inspire consumers to adopt green mobility. Gogoro Smartscooter is packed with sensors that collect an abundance of information about the vehicle, including speed, battery level, consumption rate, system failures, and scooter falls.

Gogoro Smartscooter's innovative features, such as the powerful water-cooled motor and proprietary dynamic drive system, make it a game-changer in urban mobility. Since its launch, it has set a new standard for electric scooters, outshining competitors with unparalleled performance and design. By challenging riders to embrace the future and rethink their mobility options, Gogoro Smartscooter is leading the charge for a sustainable future not only in India but also worldwide.

The Power of Swap & Go

Gogoro's Swap & Go tech is a game-changer for the electric vehicle (EV) industry. The technology allows riders to swap batteries in just six seconds, eliminating the need for time-consuming charging and parking. The Swap & Go system is especially beneficial for businesses with EV fleets as it increases up-time while minimizing wait times, and maximizes earning potential by keeping the vehicles in operation. Gogoro's battery swapping network is the world's most advanced, providing a safe, secure, and efficient solution for riders looking to recharge their EVs. With Gogoro's Swap & Go technology, riders enjoy the convenience of instantly recharging their vehicle without any hitches, making it a major step towards achieving a sustainable future in the EV industry.

The gogoro network battery swapping stations allows electric vehicle owners to swap out batteries in the event of an emergency or sudden battery failure. The cooperative network is a partnership between gogoro and several major battery suppliers, and Gogoro works with its customers to ensure that their vehicles have all the parts necessary for swapping in case of an accident or need for maintenance. Each swap takes about 15 minutes, but can happen within 30 seconds when needed.

Fleet Solution

Gogoro has launched a modular battery-swapping infrastructure called the Gogoro Network, which is designed to provide electric refueling for two-wheeled vehicles in cities. Over 175 million battery swaps have been managed through this network, with 265,000 swaps taking place each day through its 2,000 GoStations. The Gogoro Smartscooter was the first scooter to be integrated into this network in 2015. Powered by Gogoro Network program, enables other manufacturers of electric motor scooters to build scooters that can use the infrastructure of the Gogoro Network. These initiatives are geared towards leading the charge for a sustainable future in India.

Gogoro's bold move is a step towards a sustainable future. Their mission to reduce carbon emissions and build smart, energy-efficient transportation systems is commendable. Investing in electrification, battery swapping, and network infrastructure, Gogoro aims at building smart cities and making it easier for businesses and consumers to adopt electric vehicles. The company's innovative solutions have revolutionized the transportation market, providing an efficient and affordable electric scooter option for everyone. Their swap-and-go model is not only profitable for the company but also helps in reducing the carbon footprint. Gogoro's vision of sustainable mobility is the future we need, and we can only hope that more companies follow in their footsteps. Want to know more about Gogoro's innovative solutions? Check out their website to learn.