The All-New Vida V1 Electric Bike from Hero Motocorp

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Have you always wanted to own an electric bike? If yes, you’re at the right place. In this blog, we will talk about the all new electric bike from Hero MotoCorp - Vida V1 electric bike. Yes, it’s a premium electric bike with a price tag that warrants its status. But is it worth your hard-earned money? Let’s delve into the specs and features of this electric bike and decide for ourselves.

Introducing the Vida V1 from Hero MotoCorp

Hero MotoCorp has finally unveiled its highly anticipated electric scooter - the Vida V1. It comes in two variants - Plus and Pro - with prices starting at ₹1.45 lakh and ₹1.59 lakh, respectively. Although it may be considered expensive in comparison to other options in the Indian market, the Vida V1 sets itself apart with its powerful 6kW electric motor and claimed top speed of 80 kph. This e-scooter from Hero MotoCorp's new brand, Vida, is considered a significant step in the company's foray into the EV market. One significant milestone for the Vida V1 would be the expected launch in Nepal in Q1 2023, with an estimated price of Rs. 4 lakh.

Features of the Vida V1 electric bike

The Vida V1 electric bike from Hero comes packed with features that make it stand out in the market. It is available in two battery options with a range of 143-165 km on a single charge and a top speed of 80 kmph. This is powered by a 6 kW electric motor, which gives the Vida V1 a quick acceleration time of 3.2-3.4 seconds (0-40 kmph) and a gradeability of 20 degrees (even with a pillion on board), The Vida V1 also comes with an integrated 12V battery charging system that charges the battery within 2 hours. The user can choose between a 5-speed gear or a speed controller, both of which are mounted on the handlebar. There is also an LED headlight and taillight for riding at night

Another highlight of the electric scooter from Hero MotoCorp is its suspension system. It has been designed to provide excellent ride quality even on terrain that would challenge other e-scooters in this price range. The Vida V1 comes with front and rear suspension that offers enhanced comfort.

The bike's design is both conventional and stylish, featuring a hexagonal-shaped LED headlight, flat floorboard, and split-style seats. It offers four riding modes – Sports, Ride, Eco, and Custom – allowing the rider to customize the response of brake regeneration and performance. In addition, the Vida V1 comes with a portable charger that takes less than six hours to charge the EV from 0-80%, while a fast charger does the same in less than 65 minutes, adding to the bike's convenience. These features make Vida V1 an excellent choice for those looking for sustainability without compromising on style and experience.


The Vida V1 Electric Bike from Hero comes with impressive specifications. It has two different battery options that offer a range of 143km and 165 km respectively. The V1 Pro and V1 Plus models are capable of producing a peak power output of 6 kW and continuous power output of 3.9 kW, with a top speed of 80 kmph. The V1 Plus can accelerate from 0-40 kmph in 3.4 seconds and the V1 Pro in 3.2 seconds. Both V1 Pro and V1 Plus have four riding modes to adjust the response of brake regeneration, performance, etc. The battery packs are IP68 rated with 3-year or 30,000 km warranty, giving peace of mind to the owner. Overall, the Vida V1 Electric Bike from Hero is an impressive electric bike that offers great performance, style, and value for money.

Vida Engine

The Vida V1 Pro and V1 Plus electric bikes from Hero are equipped with the same electric motor, which delivers a top speed of 80 km/h. The V1 Pro has a faster acceleration time of 3.2 seconds from 0-60 km/h, while the V1 Plus takes 3.4 seconds. The V1 Plus has the ability to accelerate from 0-40 km/h in just 3.4 seconds. The V1 Pro has a larger battery pack and longer range than the V1 Plus, making it ideal for longer rides. These electric bikes offer a green and eco-friendly alternative to traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles, while providing riders with a smooth and quiet ride. The Vida V1 Pro and V1 Plus electric bikes provide an exciting and economical way to commute while being environment-friendly.

Price and mileage of the Vida electric bike

The Vida V1 electric bike from Hero is available in two variants – V1 Plus and V1 Pro – and both come with a top speed of 80 kmph and a gradeability of 20 degrees. One of the primary concerns with electric bikes is their range, but both variants of the Vida V1 have a respectable claimed range of 143 km for the V1 Plus variant and 165 km for the V1 Pro variant. The V1 Pro also has a more rapid 0-to-40 kmph acceleration time of 3.2 seconds compared to V1 Plus with 3.4 seconds.

The Vida V1 electric bike comes equipped with a portable charger and has fast charging capabilities. It takes less than 6 hours to charge the battery from 0-80%. However, the real-world riding range of the bike is not yet known. Both models come with a 3-year or 30,000 km warranty and a limp home feature. The Vida V1 Plus has a smaller 3.44 kWh battery pack, while the V1 Pro variant has a bigger 3.94 kWh battery pack. The price of the Vida V1 electric bike is reasonable and affordable for individuals looking to buy a cost-effective and eco-friendly bike.


The all-new Vida V1 electric bike from Hero comes in two variants - the Vida V1 Pro and the Vida V1 Plus. Both variants have a 0CC capacity and N/A maximum power output, with a top speed of 80km/h. The Pro and Plus have different battery and motor specifications, and the Pro has a larger battery pack, delivering a range of up to 165km compared to the V1 Plus's range of up to 143km. The on-road price of both variants can be checked, and customers can calculate EMI and find key features through Vida's website. Vida V1 scooters have an IP68-rated battery pack with a 3-year or 30,000 km warranty and a limp-home feature that allows them to drive at 10kmph for about 8 kilometers in case of a low SOC. With an acceleration time of 3.2 seconds for the Pro and 3.4 seconds for the Plus, the Vida V1 is a worthy investment for those looking for eco-friendly transportation.

Running Cost

The Vida V1 electric bike from Hero is an innovative product designed with customer convenience in mind. The bike has a running cost of Rs. 0.16 per kilometer when driven for 165 kms on a fully charged battery. The Vida V1 has convenient removable batteries and three-way charging options. If you are looking for a high-end model, you can choose between the Vida V1 Plus or Vida V1 Pro. The Vida V1 Pro has a range of 165 km and costs Rs. 159,000/- (ex-showroom), and the Vida V1 Plus has a claimed range of 143 km and costs Rs. 145,000/- (ex-showroom). Both models have a top speed of 80 kmph with a charging time of 1.2 km/min. The average running cost for Vida V1 is ₹ 0.24 per km. With the Vida V1 electric bike, you get a comfortable and economical way to commute, making it an excellent choice for city dwellers looking for a greener mode of transportation.

Vida V1 Charging Time

The Vida V1 Electric Bike from Hero is a revolutionary product that offers top-of-the-line features and specifications. When it comes to charging time, the V1 Plus battery takes 5 hours 51 minutes to fully recharge, while the V1 Pro takes 5 hours 55 minutes to charge completely at home. The V1 bike can be charged in three different ways, including portable charging and fast charging with a 1.2 km range per minute. The battery can be charged from 0-80% in 5 hours and 15 minutes for V1 Plus and 5 hours and 55 minutes for V1 Pro. Additionally, the V1 Pro boasts a range of 165 km, while the V1 Plus has a range of 143 km under IDC-claimed conditions. With a unique limped home feature, the V1 is designed to drive at 10kmph for 8 km in case of a low SOC, ensuring that you never get stranded on the road.

My Vida App and its features

The Vida V1 app offers variety of features, which includes Scooter health status, Nearby charging stations discovery, Live tracking the scooter and trip analytics for deeper insights on mileage, odo meter readings. It also shows the battery status.

Vida V1 Pro Features,Price,Mileage

Hero has launched the Vida V1 Pro and Plus electric bike models, which come in various colors, and the starting price for both models is Rs 1,33,703. The Vida V1 Pro has better acceleration with a time rate of 3.2 seconds from 0-60km/h. It is equipped with a 3.94kWh battery pack, which offers a certified range of 165km, while the Plus version has a range of 143km. With the V1's fast charging speed of 1.2km per minute, it shortens the recharging time required. Both models of Vida V1 come with a 6kW electric motor to ensure a smooth ride. There are four ride modes the riders can choose from - Eco, Ride, Sport, and Custom. If you're looking for a high-performance electric bike with a long-range and fast charging time, the Vida V1 electric bike from Hero is an excellent choice.

Vida V1 Pro

Vida V1 Plus Features,Price,Mileage

The new electric bike, Vida V1, from Hero has been launched at a starting price of roughly $1642 USD. The ARAI claimed mileage of this bike is an impressive 165km/charge, making it an ideal electric bike for daily travel. The Vida V1 includes four ride modes and a top speed of 80kmph, providing the rider with the flexibility to choose the mode that works best for them

The Vida V1 range is 143km for the Plus version and 165km for the Pro version. The base model of Vida V1 costs Rs. 1.28 lakh with an EMI of Rs. 3688 per month @ 9.45% for a tenure of 36 months. With its sleek design, impressive mileage, and affordable price range, the Vida V1 is a top contender in the electric bike market.

Vida V1 Plus

Final Take on Vida V1

If you are looking for an electric bike that offers an unbeatable combination of price and mileage, the Hero Vida V1 is your answer. It comes in two variants - V1 Plus and V1 Pro. However, before making a final decision, one should check the on-road price of the bike to avoid any confusion.

The Vida V1 is eligible for FAME II and state subsidies, making its total cost even more attractive. In conclusion, Vida V1 is a reliable and efficient electric bike for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and ride in style.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I buy the Vida V1 electric bike?

You can purchase the Vida V1 electric bike starting at Rs 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom) in India. Currently available in these states - New Delhi, Jaipur & Bangalore

What are the colour options of Vida V1?

The colour options of the Vida V1 include: Red, White, Matte White, and/or Matte Abrax Orange. The Pro version offers the option for a Matte Abrax Orange device. The starting price for Vida V1 is Rs 1,33,703/-

What is the on-road price of Vida V1?

The Vida V1 Plus is priced at ₹ 1.45 lakh (ex-showroom) and the Vida V1 Pro costs ₹ 1.59 lakh (ex-showroom).

The starting price for the Vida V1 is Rs 1,33,703 (approx $1,642 USD).

There are two variants - the Vida V1 Plus available at Rs 145,000/- and the Vida V1 Pro available at ₹ 159,000/- (ex-showroom).

The Vida V1 comes with convenient removable batteries and three-way charging options.

The Vida V1 has a top speed of 80 kmph, charging time of 1.2 km/min and range up to 165 km.


The Vida electric bike by Hero is the first electric bike from the company, and it’s a welcome new entrant in the electric bike segment. Even though it hasn’t been around for long, it has already garnered a lot of interest from customers. It’s an e-bike that offers a versatile range of riding experiences. The battery-powered electric mountain bike is made for riding on varied terrains and offers a smooth ride quality. With its efficient braking system, comfortable seat, and lightweight body, it is a favorite among first-time riders as well as seasoned cyclists. The bike also boasts of being user-friendly and Affordable. If you’re new to the electric biking world, here’s our introductory app that explains how e-bikes work! It also gives you access to some useful tips!